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Enterprise Olympics

Enterprise Olympics is a provincial entrepreneurship program that reaches thousands of students annually and is comprised of three different competitions, as well as a year-end provincial conference. The intent of all three competitions is to expose students to the vast number of business opportunities that can be created by young people and to encourage youth to pursue entrepreneurial thinking and action at an early stage in their lives.

The three competitions are:

Teacher's Guide: Create A Logo (Grades 4-6)Create A Logo (Grades 4-6)

Students identify a business opportunity that they believe could be successful in Newfoundland and Labrador. Students design a logo to reflect their business concept and explain in writing the meaning of the logo.

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Teacher's Guide: Community Matters (Grades 7-9)Community Matters (Grades 7-9)

Students write essays identifying community issues that they believe can be addressed successfully via business creation.  Each essay includes information vital for successful implementation of a business idea that addresses a need in the community including identification of a community issue, description of the solution/business idea and the consequential benefits to their community.

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Teacher's Guide: Enterprise Olympics Conference (Grades 10-12)Enterprise Olympics Conference (Grades 10-12 students enrolled in Entrepreneurship 3209)

The top 15 youth, as chosen from all Venture Marketing Plans submitted to the YMCA, are invited to attend the provincial Enterprise Olympics Conference where they present their plans to a panel of business professionals for evaluation. The conference also provides a forum of business professionals and guest speakers who can assist youth with business plan writing, market research, financing, mentoring and business startup.

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