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LOWN – Leadership, Outreach and Wellness for Newcomers

The YMCA has developed programs to assist newcomers participating in community life and accessing leadership opportunities. Programs are designed to allow newcomers to develop relationships, enhance cultural experiences, gain knowledge on health and wellness and lead a healthy lifestyle. A variety of programs and events will be offered throughout a session for seniors, adults, families and youth.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a permanent resident of Canada;
  • Protected persons
  • Individuals who have been selected, inside or outside of Canada, to become permanent residents (pending verifications) and who have been informed, by a letter from the Department.
  • Convention Refugees

*Registration will be required for all programs.

Wellness with the YMCA (Seniors/ Adults)

  • Healthy Lifestyle
    Newcomers will learn about the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle in Canada by participating in YMCA sessions which will provide information on a variety of topics related to diet, health and exercise. These sessions will take place at the YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador as well as some off site visits.

    Sessions will be provided once a month.

  • Active Living Conversations
    Let’s get the conversation started! The YMCA will host group meetings to discuss active living and health related topics. Guest speakers and themes will be highlighted as we create friendships and learn more about our communities.

    Sessions will be held bi-weekly

  • Active Living Movement
    Let’s get moving! Active living for seniors programming which will consist of gentle exercises at each individual’s ability.

    Sessions will be held bi-weekly

Community Collaborations (Families)

  • Special Events
    Newcomers will enjoy seasonal activities and special events that foster positive family relationships while learning more about Canadian Culture.
  • Family Programming
    Newcomers and will be given the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities as a family, strengthening relationships and shared experiences and learning more about Canadian culture. The program will be offered in a variety of settings and may include family nights, community events, day trips, YMCA open gym, movie nights and workshops.

    Sessions will be held bi-weekly

Newcomer Youth Programming (NYP) – Youth 13-18 years of age

  • Youth Sports and Activities (YSA)s
    Youth will be provided with a safe and welcoming environment to develop friendships through program activities. Programming will include sports, art, games, movie nights, cultural events and aquatic events.

    Sessions will be held bi-weekly.

  • Newcomer Youth Leadership (NYL)
    Outreach Volunteer: Newcomer youth will be given the opportunity to volunteer in their communities. Staff will assist newcomers with community volunteer outreach opportunities within their capacity, throughout the program relationships and capacities will grow while youth gain the experiences necessary to build their employment portfolio.

    Outreach Engagement: Newcomer youth will participate in a variety of activities such as focus groups, conferences and educational workshops. These activities will help youth develop confidence, communication and leadership skills.

Interested? For more information, please contact Stephanie

John Langdon
Program Coordinator, Newcomer Services

  • CRA # 108225533RR0001

  • P.O. Box 21291
    St. John’s, NL
    A1A 5G6