YMCA 2020-2021 Annual Report

From the Board Chair and the CEO

2021 was another challenging year. YMCA NL started the year by continuing to persevere through the COVID-19 pandemic. As more of the population was vaccinated and provincial Alert Levels decreased, we were able re-open closed facilities and shift to more in-person programming.

Near the end of the year we were able to focus efforts on planning how we will re-imagine YMCA NL and emerge from the pandemic, while still recognizing there may be more waves and more times when we will need to persevere.

2021 marked some significant achievements:

  • Operations were maintained and started to recover in all parts of the organization in this second year of the pandemic. In St. John’s and Marystown membership started to grow again, in Happy Valley-Goose Bay membership has exceeded expectations; we thank staff and volunteers in all three branches for overcoming the many challenges we faced. Regulated child care operated at full capacity, and Employment, Enterprise, and Newcomer Services continued to adapt and grow

  • After seven years of steady work, the new Central Labrador YMCA opened in July. This is our first permanent presence in Labrador and is Canada’s first Northern YMCA. We are delighted to work with the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay to serve the people of the Upper Lake Melville Region for decades to come

  • The capital structure for the Ches Penney Family YMCA was re-financed to take advantage of the low interest rates available

  • YMCA NL joined the province’s Operating Grant Program (OGP) to make regulated child care more affordable for families at all 14 of our child care locations

  • Our Employment, Enterprise, and Newcomer Services programs continued to expand thanks to additional federal and provincial government contracts

We appreciate on-going the federal, provincial, and community support to help sustain the YMCA through the pandemic.

We thank our employees, volunteers, members, participants, funders, municipal partners with the Town of Marystown and the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, donors, and Directors for on-going support in service to communities across Newfoundland and Labrador.

Our vision for a province of vibrant, healthy communities could not be realized without so many dedicated people.

Thank you for being a part of the YMCA.


Todd Stanley,
Todd Stanley,Board Chair
Jason Brown,
Jason Brown,CEO

Board of Directors and Executive Management Team

Summary of Audited Financial Statements

YMCA of Northeast Avalon Inc.
Operating as YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador

Statement of Operations for the year ended 31 August, 2021



Revenue 7,903,673 6,158,119
Expenses 6,744,864 4,956,743
Net Before Interest and Amortization 1,158,809 1,201,376
Interest on Callable Debt and Capital Leases 496,154 517,877
Net Before Amortization 662,655 683,499
Amortization 689,934 746,997

Statement of Financial Position as at 31 August, 2021




Current Assets 1,147,710 498,758
Property, Plant, and Equipment and Intangible Assets 13,226,877 13,525,457
Total Assets 14,374,587 14,024,215




Current Liabilities 2,513,080 1,814,772
Deferred Revenue – Building Capital Fund 5,465,659 5,693,441
Long Term Portion of Callable Debt and Capital Leases 7,895,134 7,988,009
Total Liabilities 15,873,873 15,496,222

Fund Balances



Total Fund Balances (1,499,286) (1,472,007)
Total Liabilities and Fund Balances 14,374,587 14,024,215

Complete audited statements are available for review by appointment in the office of the VP, Finance and Administration.

Annual Campaign Donors 2020-2021

Donors to the annual campaign provide possibility and potential for others to live healthier lives. Thank you for the belief in the work of the YMCA as demonstrated by your generous gifts.

Individual Donors (up to $999)

Kimberley Armstrong

Andrea Barnes

Maya Barry

Kate Bell

Brandon Blagdon

Elizabeth Blake

Paula Brenton

Gayle Brockerville

Juanita C. Brown

Melissa Browne

Jennifer Brushett

Joanne Burry (In Memory of Rhodie Mercer)

Ian Butt

Tracy Byrne

Ted Cadigan

Kira Clarke

Gillian Comerford

Luke Corcoran

Jack Cossar

Winnie Cowan

Paul Coxworthy

Vasilije Curcic

Jeannie & Keith Darby (In memory of Rhodie Mercer)

Ronald Day

Walter Dicks

Kerry Drake

Leona Drake

Ashlee Drake-Miller

Marwan Elaraby

Lori Evans

Jody Evoy

Darren Fowler

Stephanie Fowler

Douglas J. French (In Memory of Rhodie Mercer)

Kate Fradsham

Twyla Fradsham

Victoria Francis

Robert Fudge

Michael Gillingham

Julie Greene

Ashlynn Hanrahan

Casy Hancock

Chrissy Harvey

Roma Hennebury

Ann Marie Hickey

Donna Hodder

Kimberly Hodder

Martha Hodder

Angelina Hoven

Les & Dee Hulett (In Memory of Rhodie Mercer)

Lisa Hunt

Sabah Kadir

Tina Kean

Cynthia Kelly

Sarah Kelly

Allie Keough

Keyin College

Monica Kidd

Hannah Lambe

Maggie Lambe

Kimberley Lane

Matthew Mason

Melissa McDonald

McInnes Cooper

Judith & Mervyn McIntyre (In Memory of Rhodie Mercer)

Harriet Mercer (In Memory of Rhodie Mercer)

Metro Referees’ Association (In Memory of Rhodie Mercer)

Norma Miskell

Mona Molloy

Heather Moores

Cal Moss

Allison Murphy

Catherina Murphy

Christina & Colin Murphy

Megan Murphy

Raylynn Myles

Michelle Northover

Makenzie Oates

Karyn Olaizola

Christa Pack

Krista Payne

Allison Pennell

Rebecca Penton

Tracy Pitcher

Sarah Powell

Pat Power

Prince of Wales Figure Skating Club (In Memory of Rhodie Mercer)

Evan & Jeanette Purchase (In Memory of Rhodie Mercer)

Stephanie Regular

Deborah Rehner

Mary Rideout

Tina Riggs Dawe

Xihrisna-Vez Rivera

George Rodger

Valerie Rose

Howard Sangster

Roger Scaplen

Karen Sharpe

Jeremy Shea

Amanda Shears

Lisa Sheppard & Chris Peddle

Zoe Shih Wu

Meghan Somerton

Lori Squires

Sherry Squires

Todd Stanley

Gracie Stapleton

Marci Stratton

Lynn Sullivan

Olga A.V.Sullivan

Alexander Taylor

Melanie Thomas

Stephanie Tibbo

Lynn Trainor

Kelley Vanderklugt

Ashley Verge

Cindy Wall

Denise Walsh

Annie Warner

John White

Sandy White-Melee

Kayla Whittle

Nathan Wilkins

Cathy Williams

Every effort is made to ensure this list is accurate and that every person who has generously given to the YMCA is recognized. Please contact us at info@nl.ymca.ca if there are any errors or omissions so that we can update our records.

Support for YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador Employment, Enterprise, and Newcomer Services comes from a variety of sources including the following donors and funders:

Volunteers 2020-2021

The possibilities are endless when kind people give freely of their time and talents. Our YMCA volunteers lead, deliver programs, fundraise, and govern the Association. And we are stronger because of them. Thank you.

Wayne Amminson

Sarah Bishop

Murray Brown

Gary Bruce

Kirsten Butler

Jennifer Button

Ed Clarke

Eileen Collingwood

Kate Connors

Emma Crowley

Leah Doucette

Barb Ellis

Martha Flores

Juliana Griffin

Sara House

Maria Humby

Joshua Kelly

Loretta Lewis

Vic Lundrigan

Joan MacIntosh

Brody Mayo Denty

Kyle McBay

Danielle Moulton

Kyle Murphy

Gary Myles

Makenna Nolan

Halee Peach

Stephen Penney

Erin Pike

Aedan Pitcher

Michael Porter

Paul Porter

Katie Power

Halie Rennie

Lorie Robbins

Deidre Ryan

Ahmad Salah

Angel Sampson

Amy Sheppard

Julie Sheppard

Andrew Short

Jennifer Short

Laurie Skinner

Malik Snook

Jamie Snook

Sharon Snook

Hayley Spencer

Todd Stanley

Kevin Stuckless

Gary Summers

Janet Vivian-Walsh

Fran Vokey

Dianne Walsh

Christine Walsh

Tamara Walsh

Tori Walsh

Brandon Welcher

Randy White

Margo Wilson

Emily Wiseman

Taylor Young

Sharon Zeller

Every effort is made to ensure this list is accurate and that every person who has generously volunteered their time and expertise to the YMCA is recognized. Please contact us at info@nl.ymca.ca if there are any errors or omissions so that we can update our records.