Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

To view when Indoor Rock Climbing is available, see our program schedule. Be sure to enter “Rock” in the search events box.

How about booking the Rock Climbing Wall for an upcoming special event? Click the “Rentals” tab below for more information.

All participants must adhere to guidelines listed below and complete the an Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability found on the “Waivers” tab below.

Climbing Wall Guidelines

  • Climbers require the use of a properly fitted harness (no more than one finger fits between body and harness straps)
  • Pockets must be emptied and all snag hazards (jewellery, long laces, hoods, etc.) removed prior to climbing
  • Belay systems must be connected and disconnected by YMCA program staff
  • Climbers must properly demonstrate and utilize a controlled fall from a low height (2-3m)
  • Climb using the holds only. Do not touch the belay system
  • Climb only in your own lane. Descents must be feet first using the push-off technique
  • Bare feet are not allowed; closed toe shoes must be worn at all times
  • No food or drink in the climbing wall area
  • Only climbers and the YMCA program staff are permitted on the floor mats
  • Climbers must be at least age 6+
  • Min weight: 18kgs (40lbs) / Max weight: 136kgs (300lbs)

Thank you to Nunacor for their kind contribution to the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay’s Strengthening Our Communities Campaign to help build the Labrador Wellness Centre.