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Welcome to the YMCA

We are so happy you have decided to join our community at the YMCA. Enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle and experience personal growth through some of our programs.

Registration options include:

  • For all single and Fitness Buddies memberships, select Join Now to start your registration. To register for a family membership, please visit the Ches Penney Family YMCA.
  • The YMCA is accessible to everyone. If you require financial assistance for your membership, select “Apply for Financial Assistance”.
  • At anytime, you can view our Membership Agreement Form.

Memberships We Offer

Adult Membership (19+)

  • Joiner Fee: $75.00

Adult Only Membership (19+)

  • Joiner Fee: $75.00

Adult Fitness Buddies Membership

  • Joiner Fee: $75.00

Adult Only Fitness Buddies Membership

  • Joiner Fee: $75.00

Children's Membership (Ages 0-11)

  • Joiner Fee: $0

Youth Membership (Ages 12-18)

  • Joiner Fee: $0

Family Membership (Children up to age 18)

  • Joiner Fee: $75.00

Financially Assisted Membership

  • Joiner Fee: $0

Organization Membership

  • Joiner Fee: $65

“YMCA memberships are designed to help you live well throughout your life.”

Short Term Pass Offerings

Pass Options (includes general and inclusive change room access) Pricing
Day Pass (0-11) $9.99 HST not applicable*
Day Pass (12+) $15.21 +HST*
Play Pass (up to 4 participants with at least 1 adult and 1 child aged 0-11 years) $25.00 HST included*
5-Day Punch Pass (all ages) $50.00 +HST where applicable
2-Week Punch Pass (all ages) $70.00 +HST where applicable
4-Month Post Secondary Pass (ages 17-24) $135.25 +HST

* Day passes expire at end of business day.

All participants must adhere to guidelines listed below and complete an Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability found on the “Waivers” tab below.

Ways to Join

“The YMCA is a shared experience for everyone to enjoy. Each of us can make it better for all by being considerate to others. YMCA members, participants, clients, visitors, staff and volunteers all pledge to treat one another with respect and dignity.”

Amenities & Benefits

  • Diverse fitness classes

  • Conditioning centre

  • Child minding that coincides with fitness classes for convenience

  • Membership with continuous financial assistance available

  • Adult only change rooms

  • Fully accessible facility

  • Employment and enterprise centre

  • Rentals available for events and birthday parties at a membership rate

  • No locked in contracts and no cancellation fees

  • Pool, whirlpool, and sauna access

  • Swim lessons included in membership

  • Child, youth, and family programming

  • Court bookings for squash, racquetball and handball

  • Indoor walking and running track

  • Ample parking spaces

What People Have to Say

The YMCA has been a place of continuity in our family. My children went to the excellent daycare, and we also used the child minding facilities. The children benefited from having swimming lessons which are included in the price. And, of course, the YMCA always had camps every school holiday to entertain the children. We are also able to make use of the gym facilities and exercise classes.

Jinelle Ramlackansingh

My name is Dr. Omer Mallhi. I am a 45 year old practicing dentist living in Paradise.

I have been mostly inactive throughout my life. I wasn’t into physical activities or sports. Choosing this profession also didn’t help and came with certain occupational hazards.

I have had a painful back, neck, and an osteoarthritis diagnosis since a few years now, but a severe painful worrying kind of episode pushed me into taking it seriously and changing my lifestyle.

I have a YMCA membership and luckily for me I got Matthew Jessome as my personal trainer. He has been very patient and supportive of me. Initially he spent a lot of time figuring out my weak areas. Now I have a plan that pushes me just the right amount to prevent any injury whole improving strength/power. Even though I am still not where I hope but am feeling much better about myself and know this to be an ongoing journey.

The reception employees are always very welcoming and greet with a smile.

Dr. Omer Mallhi

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

What is the slope of the indoor track at Ches Penney Family YMCA?2024-03-30T15:28:55-02:30

The slope on the track is different depending on how you approach it. At the widest part of the track it is approximately 7% . The 2020 National Building Code requires an accessible path of travel to be one meter wide. The slope of the track corners one meter out from the railing, along the curve, is a 2.85% cross-slope. The track was inspected and permitted by Service NL.

Can a participant on a “Be My Guest” pass access the Adult Only change room?2024-03-11T14:47:17-02:30

No. Only YMCA members with an Adult Only membership have access to this change room.

Can a short-term pass participant or member with a general YMCA membership pay the difference to access to the Adult Only change room?2024-03-11T14:47:49-02:30

No. Only YMCA members with an Adult Only membership have access to this change room.

Can a YMCA financially assisted member pay the difference for an upgrade to access the Adult Only change room?2024-03-11T14:49:05-02:30

No. All financially assisted members must access inclusive or general change rooms. Financial assistance is awarded based on the YMCA general membership category. Only YMCA members with an Adult Only membership have access to this change room.

Can a participant on a short-term pass have access to the Adult Only change room?2024-03-11T14:49:49-02:30

No. Short-term pass participants must access inclusive or general change rooms. Only YMCA members with an Adult Only membership have access to this change room.

Is there a towel service? How does this service work?2024-03-11T14:50:13-02:30

Yes. Members who have purchased an Adult Only membership at the Ches Penney Family YMCA have access to the towel service.

Each time you visit the Ches Penney Family YMCA, and want towel service, you will need to provide the Welcome Desk staff with your towel service card. We will provide you with two towels and store your towel service card until you return the towels to the Welcome Desk towel hamper(s). Your towel service card will then be returned to you. An unreturned towel fee ($12 + HST) will be automatically billed to your membership account if your towel card and the towels are not returned to the Welcome Desk. Please note that towels will not be supplied if you forget your towel service card. A replacement card fee of $5 + HST will apply.

If you choose not to avail of the towel service with your adult only membership, your towel service card will remain at the Welcome Desk. All members are required to scan their YMCA membership card to gain entry to the facility.

What is your visitor policy?2024-06-19T12:28:23-02:30

Any member visiting from another YMCA will receive a YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador visitor card for one a minimum of one (1) week. Visitor privileges may be granted up to a four (4) month consecutive period in the calendar year. Home YMCA association membership card is required. If one is not available another piece of Photo ID is required. Home association membership must be in good standing.

If visitor has permanently relocated to the area – they will be asked to cancel at their home YMCA and join with YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador. If paid in full (yearly membership) then membership will be transferred and recognized until anniversary date – at which point you will be asked to pay YMCA membership fees. Joiner fees are not required on new/transferred membership if already paid at home association (receipt required).

Where can I put my belongings when at the YMCA?2024-06-19T12:26:30-02:30

Lockers are for day use only. Locks may be available for purchase at the Welcome Desk. Please be sure to keep your belongings secured at all times. The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

What is a joiner fee?2024-06-19T12:28:54-02:30

The joiner fee applies to Adult members. This fee is used to maintain YMCA facilities and equipment through capital improvements. Maximum of one fee per household.

  • It is a fee charged to adults upon registration. It is 100% subsidized for assisted members.
  • $75/adult taxes included
  • Limit of 1 fee per household/ Fitness Buddy Membership
  • If you cancel and rejoin within 6 months it does not need to be paid again (from cancellation date/payment)
  • If transferring membership (YMCA Canada reciprocal membership policy) or moving from one YMCA to another, you will not to have to pay the fee again.
Will my membership fee increase?2024-06-19T12:30:40-02:30

The YMCA applies minimal fee increases annually. Notification will be provided to the email and/or mailing address on file a minimum of 15 days prior to the scheduled increase. As members age out of their selected membership category, they will be placed in the next appropriate age category with notice of fee adjustments 15 days prior to next payment date.

How can I pay for my YMCA membership?2024-06-19T12:31:53-02:30

Your initial payment is due upon registration. From there, your YMCA membership will automatically renew. Payments are arranged through your bank account or by credit card. Please remember to update all changes to personal information such as address, banking or credit card expiration dates.


When do memberships renew?2024-06-19T12:34:52-02:30

Depending on your YMCA centre, your YMCA membership automatically renews biweekly or monthly.

  • Ches Penney Family YMCA – Monthly
  • Marystown YMCA – Monthly
  • Central Labrador YMCA – Biweekly
  • Placentia Regional YMCA – Monthly

Payments can be arranged through your bank account or by credit card. Please remember to update all changes to personal information such as address, banking or credit card expiration dates.

What is the non-sufficient funds (NSFs) process?2024-06-19T12:35:40-02:30
What is the refund policy?2024-06-19T14:11:11-02:30

Refunds after Cancellation of Membership

Membership fees incorrectly charged to you by the YMCA following the cancellation of your membership in accordance with the YMCA’s Cancellation Policy will be fully refunded. In such circumstances, please note that refunds will only be issued up to a period of six (6) months following the effective date of cancellation.

You understand that it is your responsibility to confirm with your financial institution/credit card company that YMCA membership fees are no longer being deducted/charged following the cancellation of your membership.

How do I access the YMCA?2024-06-19T14:12:32-02:30

A participant must have either a continuous YMCA membership or a YMCA short-term pass.

Upon every visit, the participant must be prepared to present one of the following to access the centre:

  • YMCA issued membership card
  • Digital copy of YMCA issued membership card
  • The barcode on the participants main page of their downloaded YMCA Captivate App. For more information on this App, please go to https://ymcanl.com/captivate-app/
  • Photo ID
What is your cancellation policy?2022-12-21T10:00:46-03:30

To cancel, the payer of the membership must provide a written/email request a minimum of 15 days before the scheduled payment date to cancel. If not within this minimum notice period, the normal scheduled payment will occur, and the membership will remain active for that paid period. A written request to cancel can either be done in person by visiting your membership location; or by completing and submitting the following Ches Penney Family YMCA cancellation form. Verbal requests to cancel are not accepted. When processed, the payer will receive a cancellation confirmation via the email address listed on file. Facility access remains active until the last day of your payment period. Cancellation fees are included in your Joiner Fee. If there is a balance owing on your account, this must be paid before you can cancel.

Do you offer family packages?2024-03-11T14:46:39-02:30

Family is one or two adults (general or adult only membership) and dependent children or youth under 19 in the same household. Please call 709-726-YMCA (9622) or email membership@nl.ymca.ca for more information for specific discounted rates depend upon family size.
***Use of sauna is included in the Adult Only Membership.


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