Get the Captivate App

Captivate is a free, downloadable app that YMCA members can:

  • Easily access from their smartphone to view any group fitness or child/youth programs on any given day.

  • Easily display all members on your YMCA family profile.

  • Easily use to register for single day activities in group fitness or child/youth programs for any members on your profile.

  • Conveniently use to scan in at your YMCA centre. Physical scan cards are no longer needed as this app will display your barcode. *Some exceptions and considerations apply.

*Exceptions and considerations include Adult-Only members require physical scan card to access Adult Only change rooms. Captivate App is limited to presenting one barcode per login. We advise all members where possible to present barcode on their own smartphone when accessing your YMCA centre.

How it Works

  • Download the Captivate App to your smartphone

  • Log in using your Active Net username and password

  • Pick your facility

  • View and register for upcoming programs and classes!