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Marystown Family Membership Calculator

At the YMCA we believe in the power of family, that’s why we’re giving families the power to save! That’s right, when you share a home with other YMCA members you can group your memberships together and take advantage of a lower rate. With discounts starting at 15%, you and your family can enjoy all that the YMCA has to offer for less. Find out how much you can save by calculating your family membership below!

Use the calculator tool below to determine the approximate cost of a family membership for your household. Please note that this is only a calculation and doesn’t guarantee final cost. Those looking to purchase a family membership must visit their local YMCA’s Welcome Desk with photo ID and either a credit card or banking information to set up reoccurring monthly payments. See terms & conditions.

Calculate your Family Membership

Calculate your Savings!

Step 1: Determine how many YMCA members are in your household

Step 2: Add members into our Family Membership Calculator & enjoy your savings!

Step 3: Visit your local YMCA to set up your membership!

Family Member Options

The following members options are available as part of a family membership.

Adult Membership

For adult members who are ages 19 and older. Benefits and amenities include:

  • Month to month payments
  • Drop in classes & programs
  • Course discounts
  • Swimming lessons
  • Whirlpool access

Child Membership

For child members who are ages 0 – 11. Benefits and amenities include:

  • Month to month payments
  • Drop in classes & programs
  • Swimming lessons

Youth Membership

For youth members who are ages 12 – 18. Benefits and amenities include:

  • Month to month payments
  • Drop in classes & programs
  • Course discounts
  • Swimming lessons
  • Whirlpool access

Family Membership Terms & Conditions

  • Family memberships can have up to seven (7) people who all live within the same household. Those not living within the same household must join with their own membership.

  • Please note that financial assistance and/or organizational memberships cannot be included in a family membership.

  • All family memberships must include an adult member.

  • There is a one-time per family Joiner Fee that is not included calculated cost and must be paid at time of purchase.

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Still Have Questions About Our Family Membership?

How is this family discount applied?2023-08-09T10:58:48-02:30
The first adult pays the adult membership fee. All other members on the family membership receive a 15% discount.
Are there any age requirements in a family membership package?2023-08-29T10:26:14-02:30
Yes. A family membership includes one or two adults and dependent children or youth under 19 from the same household. There can be a maximum of seven members per family package.
What is a joiner fee?2023-08-08T15:50:56-02:30

The joiner fee applies to Adult members. This fee is used to maintain YMCA facilities and equipment through capital improvements. Maximum of one fee per household.

  • It is a fee charged to adults upon registration. It is 100% subsidized for assisted members.
  • $75/adult taxes included
  • Limit of 1 fee per household/ Fitness Buddy Membership
  • If you cancel and rejoin within 6 months it does not need to be paid again (from cancellation date/payment)
  • If transferring membership (YMCA Canada reciprocal membership policy) or moving from one YMCA to another, you will not to have to pay the fee again.
When do memberships renew?2023-09-15T21:33:05-02:30

Depending on your YMCA centre, your YMCA membership automatically renews biweekly or monthly.

  • Ches Penney Family YMCA – Monthly
  • Marystown YMCA – Monthly
  • Central Labrador YMCA – Biweekly

Payments can be arranged through your bank account or by credit card. Please remember to update all changes to personal information such as address, banking or credit card expiration dates.

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