Marystown YMCA Membership Cancellation Form Terms and Conditions

Memberships are eligible for cancellation once the initial three-month commitment period has passed. Only the payer can cancel a membership. To cancel, you must provide a written request to cancel a minimum of 15 days before your scheduled payment date and pay a $25 cancellation fee. This fee is not applicable to financially assisted members or child members aged 0-11. Verbal requests to cancel are not accepted. A written request to cancel can either be done in person by visiting your membership location to sign the cancellation portion of your original Membership Registration Form; or by the payer completing and submitting the following form.

After submitting the form, it can take up to 72 hours to receive confirmation.  Facility access remains active until the last day of your payment period. Your cancellation request can only be processed once the $25 cancellation fee has been paid.