What is EatPlantJoy

Sarah holding a bowl of vegetables smiling.

We’re so excited to introduce EatPlantJoy – a free healthy eating meal plan created by Sarah Lucas, MD, available exclusively for YMCA members. Sarah is a Radiation Oncologist as well as a YMCA member and volunteer! Knowing that over 40% of all cancer and many chronic diseases are preventable through lifestyle choices such as healthy eating, inspired her to create EatPlantJoy.

The goal of EatPlantJoy is to help our members find joy in eating more plants, more often, and to strive for progress, not perfection as we work towards healthier eating habits. EatPlantJoy healthy eating meal plans are a guide to help our members pair exercise at our facilities with delicious and nutritious meals at home.

Simply register via your local YMCA Online Portal to gain access to these wonderful resources!

EatPlantJoy includes:

  • Easy-to-follow 32-week meal plan

  • Recipes using nutritious, seasonal ingredients

  • Meal prep instructions that make dinner time a breeze

  • Ready-to-shop grocery lists

  • The flexibility to swap food preferences in and out

This 32-week meal plan is scheduled to be released throughout 2022. The first release is now available to all YMCA members for free.

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How to Access EatPlantJoy

  • Log in to your local YMCA Online Portal with your username and password

  • Register for the EatPlantJoy Program

  • Upon registration, you will receive a digital receipt via email. On the receipt you will find a link and password to the EatPlantJoy Membership Portal.

  • Follow the link and use the password to access the portal and unlock all the resources including nutritious recipes, easy-to-follow meal plans and ready-to-shop grocery lists.

Please note that EatPlantJoy is available as an exclusive perk for YMCA members. If you are not a member yet, you can sign up today to gain access to the EatPlantJoy resources as well as many other benefits and amenities.