St. John’s, NL – Even in challenging times for the organization and for our communities, the YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador is continuing to work to find new ways to provide needed programs and services.

In collaboration with YMCAs across the country, YMCA at Home has been launched as a free virtual YMCA, connecting people to fitness classes, children’s programs, and personal wellness resources. The YMCA has also launched YGym, a free online platform for families and school districts to experience virtual physical activity programming.

Under agreements with the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, the YMCA is prepared to offer Child Care to the children of essential workers. The YMCA is the largest non-profit provider of regulated child care in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Federal and provincial government-funded programs have shifted to remote delivery. These programs include: Business Planning Program, presently supporting nearly 60 entrepreneurs in developing businesses and now responding to new demand for business recovery services; Media Mentors, connecting youth to help seniors on the Avalon Peninsula and the Burin Peninsula to access technology; Y Digital, for computer training and online safety; O4AY – Opportunities for all Youth, for youth employment by facilitating connections to employers that are hiring; YCAN – YMCA Community Action Network, for youth to develop projects that meet a community need; International Student Development, supporting international post-secondary students and temporary foreign workers; and the Enterprise Olympics for students provincewide to share their business ideas and compete.

The YMCA is grateful for two new funding agreements through Food First NL and United Way NL to support part of the YMCA COVID-19 Response for a program that will help to coordinate safe transportation options for and the distribution of food, personal hygiene items, and medication for people on the Avalon Peninsula and the Burin Peninsula. This program is for individuals and families and is focused on international students and seniors.

The YMCA is also working with funders to develop new programs that will support economic recovery for people, businesses, organizations, and communities.

The YMCA has been building healthy communities in Newfoundland and Labrador since 1854 – more than 165 years. We have been here through the Great Fire of 1892, two World Wars, the Great Depression, Confederation with Canada, the cod moratorium, and all the economic and social ups and downs that have defined the people and the province.

The YMCA is a charity serving our communities. During these unprecedented times, the YMCA needs your help more than ever to be able to serve those most in need. Click to make your gift and help the YMCA continue supporting those in need.

Summary of YMCA Programs available during COVID-19 Restrictions:

  1. YMCA at Home
  2. YGym
  3. Child Care for children of essential workers
  4. Business Planning Program
  5. Media Mentors
  6. Y Digital
  7. O4AY – Opportunities for all Youth Opportunities for all Youth
  8. YCAN – YMCA Community Action Network
  9. International Student Development
  10. Enterprise Olympics
  11. COVID-19 Response – transportation to and access for food, personal hygiene items, and medication


“Even in a period of significant challenge for the YMCA, it is essential for us to re-configure some existing programs and add some new programs to help support people in our communities during this unprecedented time,” Jason Brown, CEO, YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador. “As one the oldest charities in the province, the YMCA has been here since 1854 through the Great Fire of 1892, two World Wars, the Great Depression, Confederation with Canada, the cod moratorium, and more, and the YMCA is here now. When we are permitted to re-open we know our communities will need the YMCA in different ways than before,” – Jason Brown, CEO, YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador

For further information, please contact:

Jason Brown, CEO YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador