Thank you for your interest and support. Our Y-Digital program has now ended. For more information, please contact Cat at

We Offer

  • In-person Workshops (require registration)

  • On-Demand Workshops (In-Person / Online)

Why Participate?

  • Meet people / make friends
  • Be more independent
  • Learn life and work skills (eg. online shopping, online banking…etc)
  • Build confidence
  • Communicate with friends and family from your mobile device

Workshop Topics

Y-Digital is proud to offer an array of workshops in many topics. Check out the some of our topics and contact us to arrange for a group session! Can’t see the topic of your choice? Talk to us and inquire about it.

Mobile Devices / Mobile Computing

  • iPhone / iPad Basics
  • Tablet Basics
  • Fun with Siri and Google (Using Voice Assistance)
  • iPhone Features (Location based reminders, QR Codes, Augmented Reality in Maps, Extracting Texts from Photos)
  • iCloud (AppStore, Backup, Find Your Phone)

Computer Literacy Basics & Settings

  • Computer Basics & Settings
  • Windows Basics
  • Email Basics and Etiquettes
  • Typing, Processing & Touch Screen
  • How to Touch Type (with Games)
  • Basic Computer Functions & Passwords
  • WiFi & Cookies

Jobs and Resumes

  • Resume and Job Search
  • The NOC and Resume writing
  • Applying for a Job (Resume and Cover Letter)
  • Job Search & Networking (Job Search Sites, LinkedIn and Interview Tips)
  • Workforce Resources (Employee rights, sick / vacation time)
  • Taxes & CRA (CRA account, T4s, tax resources)

Online Apps and Social Media

  • Google
    • Google Like a Pro
    • How to Use Google Map
    • Uploading Videos to YouTube
  • Popular Apps
  • Connecting with Family Online (Zoom / Facebook / Skype / Messenger)
  • Facebook
    • Using Facebook
    • Facebook and Common Setting (with Facebook Live and Memorialization Setting)
  • Using Online Library Catalogue and eBooks
  • Learn English Pronunciation Online (in development)
  • Online Banking


  • Intro to MS Office – Word
    includes paste special, format based find and replace, editor – spell / grammar check, mail merge, image manipulation / wrapping / screenshot, dictation / transcription / translation, charts/smart art, headers/footers and styles, TOC
  • Intro to MS Office – Excel
    includes paste special, fills/duplicate. filters, links, formula, functions, pivots
  • Intro to MS Office – PowerPoint
    includes images / videos, screenshots / desktop capture (new), transitions / animations, sections and zoom, presenter view / notes, masters, dictation
  • Intro to MS Office – Outlook and Calendar
    common features and list creation, conversation view, signatures
  • Intro to MS Office – One Note and One Drive


  • Intro to Google Docs
  • Intro to Google Sheets
  • Intro to Google Slides
  • Intro to Gmail / Calendar
  • Intro to Google Drive / Form


  • How to join a Zoom Meeting
  • How to set up a Zoom Meeting (setup, background, live transcription, filters and polls, breakout rooms, record)
  • Internet Safety – Web Browsing & Email
  • Malware & Scam Protection
  • Online Dating and Phishing
  • Online Relationships – Scams and Stalkerware
  • Stalkerware
  • Strong Passwords and Multi-factor Authentication
  • Social Engineering
  • Understanding the World of Social Media
  • Phishing & Building Safe Online Relationships
  • Online Gaming for Parents & Youth
  • Virus Control & Junk Mail
  • Parental Controls
  • Cookies
  • Digital Citizenship for Adults
  • Cyberbullying for Kids

Interested? Please contact your Regional Program Coordinator to register

Catherina Murphy
Program Coordinator, Y-Digital

Emma Gagnon
Program Coordinator, Y-Digital (Central Labrador Region)

  • CRA # 108225533RR0001

  • P.O. Box 21291
    St. John’s, NL
    A1A 5G6